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This year, the Eurekaweek will take place in an alternative form because of the measures concerning the COVID-19 virus. Fortunately, student rowing can continue in a normal fashion, and we are looking forward to welcome another generation of members. In order to take this year's circumstances into consideration, it is now also possible to register online!
You can register for Skadi by filling in the form below. How the registration process takes place is summarised in the chart. Please send an e-mail to retseemgninnep.[antispam] if you are unable to use IDeal. Only after you have received a confirmation from our Penningmeester (Treasurer) your registration is complete. Please note that you will need a Dutch bank account for the payment of the membership fee during the year. 
Do you have questions concerning the process? Send us an email to cln.[antispam]!

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By filling in this form you give permission to:

  • Algemene Rotterdamse Studenten Roeivereniging “Skadi” to charge your bank on a continuing basis while you are a member, and
  • your bank to continually direct debit from your bank account in accordance to the charges of Algemene Rotterdamse Studenten Roeivereniging “Skadi”.

If you disagree with these charges, you can reverse the transaction. Contact your bank in within eight weeks and ask them about their policy.

I have read the registration contract and I comply. The contract can be found here.

I have read the privacy policy and I comply. The policy can be found here.



Prior to the KISS (introduction period) and Afroei period it is important to know if you have any long lasting injuries or use any medication. During the KISS, this can be communicated with the medical committee at all times. Information that you provide here will always be handled with discretion and be deleted after the Afroei period. We also would like to know if you are part of a group that has a heightened risk of the COVID-19 virus, such as:

  • People with chronic respiratory or pulmonary problems that are being treated by a lung specialist
  • Chronic heart patients who therefore qualify for a flu shot
  • People with diabetes that is not fully controlled and/or involves complications
  • People with kidney disease who need dialysis or are waiting for a kidney transplant
  • People who are less resistant to infection because they are taking medication for an autoimmune disease, and people who have had an organ transplant or stem cell transplant. That includes: people who do not have a spleen, or who have a non-functioning spleen, people who have a blood disease; people who are less resistant to infection because they are taking medication that weakens the immune system; cancer patients during chemotherapy and/or radiation, or within 3 months after receiving such treatment; people with severe immune disorders for which they require treatment from a doctor.
  • People with an HIV infection who are not (or not yet) being treated by a doctor, or with an HIV infection with a cluster of differentiation 4 (CD4) below 200/mm2.
  • People with serious liver disease.
  • People who are very seriously overweight (morbid obesity).





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